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Israel puts peace process at stake: Tarawneh
Israel puts peace process at stake: Tarawneh
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West Bank, ALRAY - Peace process with Israeli occupation is at stake, and the House of Representative would not hastate to push the Jordanian government to re-consider the signed agreements, Atef Tarawneh, the Speaker of Jordan's House of Representatives said.

Tarawneh said the remarks during a meeting on Sunday with a German parliamentary delegation, representing the Free Democratic Party, headed by its President Alexander Graf Lampsdorf and member Olaf Der Beck, according to a statement by the Tarawneh Office.

He stressed that they will not accept in any way Israeli plans to draw a new reality on the ground, stressing that there is no peace and security in the whole region since Israeli occupation violate the international legitimacy.

He noted that Israeli occupation violates international legitimacy by building settlements, raiding the holy sites, arresting children, women and elderly, threatening of expanding settlement process and recently by announcing the plan of imposing Israeli sovereignty over the Jordan valley and northern the Dead Sea.

He stressed that the region will remain in trouble, unless the Palestinians receive their rights.  

Jordan and the Israeli occupation are bound by a peace treaty, signed in October 1994 under US auspices, with the aim of achieving a comprehensive and just peace between the two countries.